3 Ways to Decorate Your Outdoor Space

If you have an outdoor space- you’re lucky! Outdoor spaces give you the opportunity to get away from it all by simply stepping outside of your front or back door; no travel necessary!

Outdoor spaces like gardens, patios, and yards all have the potential to be transformed into a serene, therapeutic, and restorative atmosphere. You can customize the space to your taste for a perfectly-designed retreat that will let you leave your worries behind.

However, figuring out the best way to decorate your outdoor space can be tricky! Luckily, there are a few easy things you can do to make your outdoor space warm and welcoming instead of dull and drab. Below, are three ways to bring life to your outdoor space.

Bright and Bold Lighting

The best way to bring your outdoor space to life is through the addition of lights. There are a lot of options to choose from, so long as you remember to purchase exterior lighting that is made for the outdoors – you don’t want to put indoor lights outside!

If you have a walkway, you can go with the classic outdoor solar powered lights that line the ground around the perimeter of your walkway. These classic lights are a great place to start, but the dim fluorescent light that they give off is not nearly enough to bring your outdoor space to life. Instead, you should consider buying additional outdoor lighting like hanging lamps that can hang from trees or outdoor roofing, or you can even purchase outdoor standing lamps that. If you are feeling more decadent, there are outdoor chandeliers that you can buy to give your outdoor space a rustic-chic look.

Positively Powerful Plants

Sure, flowers seem like an obvious choice to bring life to your outdoor space, but they die quickly and require hefty amounts of upkeep – dying flowers have a potent odor and are simply not aesthetically pleasing.

For a better option, consider getting plants that require less upkeep but deliver just as much life to your outdoor space. Some options are the classic snake plant that comes in various sizes. Snake plants are nice to look at and are virtually impossible to kill. Another option is to get a Bird of Paradise plant; they are equally as difficult to kill because they also do not require very much care.

Beautiful and Beckoning Benches and Other Seating

What’s the point of having an outdoor space if you don’t have any seating? How much time would you actually spend out there if you had to stand all the time or sit on the ground?

Fortunately, there are many outdoor seating options from standard wooden benches to luxurious couches and arm chairs. The classic wooden bench is a straightforward choice that is perfect for a garden or other small outdoor space. There are also more elaborate benches that come with cushions are made of material other than wood.

Overall, there are so many ways to spruce up your outdoor space by taking it from drab to fab with a few tweaks and changes. Lighting is so important when decorating your outdoor space- it is really the foundation. Plants and seating also greatly contribute to an inviting atmosphere, but you don’t need to stop here. Take some of this advice and customize it to your tastes to make your own personalized outdoor retreat!