Tips for Making Sure Your Home Has Safe and Clean Water

You work hard to keep everything in your home clean and in good running order. Recent scandals about unsafe levels of contaminants in municipal water supplies have raised awareness of a hidden danger: an unsafe water supply. Take steps to ensure your family has a safe and clean supply of this vital nutrient.

Have Your Water Tested

Start by having your water tested. There are DIY kits that you can purchase to check for certain contaminants, or you can consult with a professional service for a more thorough evaluation. Be on the lookout for common culprits, such as:

  • Lead
  • Copper
  • Cyanide
  • Chlorine
  • Salts
  • Sediment

You may not need testing to find some contaminants. For example, sediment may be evident in running water. Poor water pressure at individual faucets is a good indicator of it as well since it easily clogs faucet screens. Hard water contains large amounts of mineral and salts and often leaves a film on clean dishes and scale build-up in appliances like your coffee maker.

Learn About Treatment Methods

There are many treatment systems available for a wide range of contaminants and budgets. Pitcher, countertop and many faucet-mounted filters often use activated charcoal. This is a simple method that can remove large particles like sediment. It also reduces foul odors and tastes that result from chemicals like chlorine. They are generally inexpensive and can offer a good amount of protection. If you have concerns about heavy metals or hard water, however, you may want to consider a more comprehensive solution.

Reverse osmosis uses a semi-permeable barrier to filter out very small particles from water. It can remove chemicals and metals that may be harmful to your health. These systems can be installed at the point of use, such as under a sink cabinet, or at the water inlet for the home.

If hard water is causing problems with your water, the right water softener service Austin TX can help. It will remove minerals that leave deposits, resulting in less residue and scaling and prolonging the life of some appliances.

Find a Solution That Fits Your Lifestyle

How you treat your water will depend on several factors, including the contaminants present, your budget, and your home’s design. While a homeowner might consider investing in a reverse osmosis system, this wouldn’t make economic sense for someone renting an apartment. Consider these common options when choosing the right water filtration system Austin TX

You have lots of choices when trying to clean and filter your water. The treatment method you choose will ultimately depend on the condition of your water supply and how you use it.