Which Flooring is Best for my Bathroom?

Completion day on your new property has come and gone with the help of conveyancing solicitors Manchester https://www.samconveyancing.co.uk/Conveyancing-Solicitors/Conveyancing-Solicitors-Manchester and you can now set about making the place your home. You may find that after looking at your bathroom you decide to install some new flooring. Here are some ideas on the types of flooring that you may wish to use.

New bath and shower rooms can also improve the saleability of your home if you’re planning on selling.

Somewhat surprisingly, carpet was in fact the preferred choice in many bathrooms until relatively recently, but carpet just gets very dirty and very damp very quickly, leaving you with a damp, smelly room.

There are now plenty of flooring choices, ranging from laminates and engineered woods to vinyl and tiles, all of which are easy to keep clean and low maintenance.

If you have underfloor heating or are going to install it, do take advice from a professional flooring company who can conduct this for you.

If you want to install either a walk-in shower or wet room, make sure you take appropriate measures to waterproof the room before you lay the floor, and check that the floor has a waterproof coating. Speak to your retailer or take advice from a professional if you at all unsure as mistakes can be very costly to repair!

Where you have young children or elderly people living with you, choose a flooring that won’t be too slippery, nor too hard if there’s a fall. Wood, vinyl and laminates are all softer and warmer underfoot than tiles, for example, and are all good all-round options.


Vinyl is a really good option as it’s warm under foot, easy to clean, water and slip resistant and tough. You can go for traditional ‘roll’ vinyl or if you prefer the look of wood, go for a wood effect finish and a ‘click’ system, which is installed in planks like wood or laminate. Vinyl is also suitable if you have a wet room or walk-in shower.

Wood Flooring

Solid or engineered wood can be used in bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets, although engineered wood is a better option as it’s more resistant to damp conditions and it can cope with disinfectant type cleaning products. It also has good conductivity and can withstand temperature changes, worthwhile considering if you have underfloor heating.


Easy to install and to clean, laminates are another good choice. Not all can be used with underfloor heating, so do check with your retailer.