3 Great Design Tips for Creating Your Own Spa-Like Bathroom

Feel as if you need a dedicated space to relax and unwind at home? Think about turning your bathroom into your own private oasis. Here are three design tips that will turn an average bathroom into a spa-like retreat.

1. Design a New Layout

In a spa-like bathroom, form and function should blend seamlessly to create a beautiful environment that’s conducive to rest and relaxation. Make design decisions that will allow you to use the available space in the best way. A great way to do this is by swapping out your existing vanity with a space-saving option. Expert installers of custom cabinets Milwaukee WI will outfit your renovated bathroom with an attractive, space-saving storage solution that will enhance the function and beauty of the room.

2. Update Your Lighting

Lighting has a special way of setting the tone for any room, and this goes for bathrooms, too. Start by installing new vanity lighting. Pay close attention to the placement of your fixtures – it’s best to place fixtures at eye level, surrounding the mirror. Because this placement mimics the effect of natural light, it’s a better alternative than placing the fixture above the mirror. In addition, you should include alternative light sources in your design. Place candles throughout the room to enhance the ambiance of the space.

3. Install a New Shower

Even if you don’t have room for a whirlpool tub, you can still upgrade your bathing routine by installing a custom shower. For the most contemporary look, replace your current shower with a frameless glass shower. Don’t forget to add custom options to make bathing more luxurious. A custom showerhead, speaker system and even a waterproof TV will provide you with comfort and entertainment all at once.

Everyone needs a little escape from the stresses of daily life. By following these tips, you’ll turn your bathroom into a private sanctuary dedicated to comfort and relaxation.