What makes the security solutions perfect

In recent years, burglaries have experienced an upsurge in France. Investing in an alarm system for the home is therefore more advisable than ever to guard against any harmful intrusion. The good news is that today’s alarm systems can adapt perfectly to your daily life and your pace of life, however hectic it may be.

What functions can an alarm system perform?

Depending on the model you choose, the different anti-intrusion alarm systems offer you the possibility of:

Deter burglars: The plate and stickers inform that the place is under high protection. A high-power alarm siren completes this deterrent system. It alerts you and your neighbors, and helps put the intruder to flight.

Detect intrusions before they happen: Your doors and windows are equipped with impact-resistant opening detectors. A motion detector with color sensor and flash is also installed.

Identify intruders by image: During an alert, a series of photos is automatically taken by the detectors. These images are stored and analyzed by the remote monitoring center.

Ensure your protection and that of your loved ones: An intercom system Security Solutions integrated into the alarm center connects you to the remote monitoring center which, in the event of an emergency, alerts the fire brigade or the police. An accident? You can contact forbel website remote monitoring agents at any time by pressing the SOS button on your alarm or remote control.

Alert the police: Connected by a GPRS / GSM transmission, your security system is designed to prevent sabotage by pulling or cutting the cable, guaranteeing you a response in less than 30 seconds and alerting the police more effectively.

What are the different existing alarm systems?

A wireless alarm

Requiring no work, this alarm system is economical, easy to install and more reliable than a wired system.

An alarm with remote control

This feature allows you to activate, deactivate and control your alarm remotely using a smartphone application and / or a website.

An alarm with remote monitoring

With this system, a remote monitoring center checks each alert trigger and takes the necessary measures in the event of a proven intrusion or emergency situation.