The methods demolition companies use to clear and prepare worksites

When you’re in the demolition industry, you have to use a combination of methods to clear sites, dispose of debris, and prepare worksites. Whether you’ve got a job to demolish a wall for a renovation project or you need to tear down the entire 10-story building; the use of the right type of equipment and method is vital for your success. All demolition projects have unique challenges and you are exposed to hazardous chemical and biological agents.

That’s where you need to plan, organize, and undertake the work in an apt approach to avoid any mishap at the Jobsite. If the project scope includes the building of a new structure, you may have to unearth the foundation and undertake site clearance. Some other concepts that are linked with the demolition industry are deconstruction and green demolition. Deconstruction means removing components of a structure in a way to preserve valuable elements for re-use.

Anyhow, the following are some of the methods demolition companies use:


Crane with wrecking ball had been the widely used method for tearing down buildings with hit and trial process. The ball is suspended at the desired height from the crane boom and then a rope would pull the ball towards the crane making an impact. These methods due to less accuracy have been replaced gradually with modern demolition methods.


Excavators are versatile and powerful enough to cope with all range of demolition projects. They can tear down industrial warehouses and they can bring down high-rise blocks of flats or commercial buildings with safety and efficiency.

Excavators are available in a variety of sizes and capacities. So, excavator hire machinery suitable for low-level demolition may not be suitable for high rise building. Hydraulic excavators normally used are from 1 tonne to 100-tonne capacity and their hydraulic power can boost the pace of your demolition project. Their enhanced versatility is because they can be equipped with a range of attachments that gives you the ability to cope with multiple tasks. Common attachments include grapples, steel shear, impact breakers, and pulverizers.

Long-reach excavator hire machines are thought of as specialized equipment for the demolition industry. They can reach hundreds of feet height with their long boom and allows the operator to stay away from the building for safety purposes.

Wheel Loaders

Because of the benefits wheel loaders offer, companies are manufacturing specialized equipment for demolition and waste handling industries. They allow you to handle demolition waste, load it on a dump truck, transport construction material, or feeding the debris to the crusher plant. With wheel loaders, you can undertake a demolition project from tearing down to cleaning up. Wheel loaders are a trusted solution for every stage of demolition. They allow you to clear out the demolition site with its fast movement and efficient maneuverability. Wheel loaders can easily shift between project sites due to tired assembly.

Crawler Loaders

If you’re into a demolition project in rough terrain areas and want to handle waste at the site, crawler loaders are a perfect solution. Although they are specialized equipment for material handling and moving heavy dirt piles across project areas but because of their powerful engine they are also helpful in the demolition field. Their hydraulic power lets you tear down structures and clear off sites easily.


When it comes to demolition, bulldozers are the best in the business. With their powerful engine and robust stature, they are ideal to clean the area and level the land after demolition. They are extremely helpful for low-level demolition like a house and their heavy-duty front shovel can strip off surfaces quite easily. Another great feature in bulldozers in their tracks that let them grip excellently in all conditions.


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