Benefits of Fire Sprinkler System Backflow Testing

Most buildings receive water from the city water main that is adjacent to them. This will handle all the water needs of the building, including the sprinkler system used for suppressing fires.

All the water that is fed to the sprinkler system comes from the same source that gives water to the other water-demanding appliances, such as water fountains, sinks, and toilets.

Backflow Defined

Backflow is something that occurs when the water flowing from the plumbing system in the opposite direction intended. This is dangerous because if water is stagnant, it can cause contamination in plumbing systems and even pollute the entire water main.

This is why backflow testing Ocoee FL is needed. Since backflow issues take place in about five percent of structures and testing for this problem, backflow sensors should also be installed.

It is important to note that backflow issues are also expensive. In fact, according to the EPA, backflow situations cost around $14K each and can take 500 hours (or more) to fully repair.

The Danger of Backflow in Sprinkler Systems

Backflow issues in sprinkler systems can be a serious problem. That’s because of the large amount of water that is sitting in the system unless it is moving during a test, if the sprinkler like breaks, or if a fire activates it. Because of this, the water may become stagnant, and safety officials want to ensure the water does not move back into the water main.

If there is no mechanism in place to prevent this issue, gravity may push the stagnant water that has sat in the sprinkler system back into the main water supply. This could cause significant issues.

With a backflow preventer in place, it is possible to keep the water that is inside the sprinkler system in place and ensure it only moves in one direction. This is going to minimize the possibility of contamination.