4 Tips for Safe Sailing

Sailing can take you away from it all, but you want to stay safe during your great escape. There are specific steps you can take to ensure you and your passengers have a secure, pleasant voyage. Here are four tips to help you sail safely.

Know Crew-Overboard Maneuvers

Nobody wants accidents to happen, but unexpected events occur with even the most experienced sailors, especially if you have passengers not familiar with safe sailing practices. Should someone go overboard, be sure you are familiar with proper crew-overboard maneuvers. Knowing what to do can prevent people from panicking and stop a frightening situation from becoming fatal.

Stay Connected

Even if you are on your boat to get away from it all, you still need to stay connected to ensure you and your passengers have a lifeline in the event of a sudden change in circumstances such as an approaching storm. Install intrinsically safe communication solutions before you head out on your next voyage to make sure you are not left completely alone should you need help.

Brush up on Boating Skills

Make sure your navigational knowledge includes the latest best practices, maritime news, and weather information. Should storms threaten, seek a safe harbor. Steer clear of areas where dangerous weather systems could endanger you. Use a chartplotter to help you choose the best and safest course for your voyage.

Wear PFDs

Make sure you, any crew members, and your passengers wear personal flotation devices, or PFDs, at all times. This includes any pets sailing with you. There are various types of PFDs, so check with the Coast Guard about its requirements to make sure everyone is kitted out properly before setting sail.

Best Practices for Safe Sailing

Striking out on an open-water voyage is exciting, but keep yourself and everyone else with you safe by taking some preparatory steps. Proper planning and navigational plotting help keep you out of danger, and knowledge of rescue techniques and proper equipment lessen the chances of accidents becoming deadly. With good preparation, you can sail off into the sunset and enjoy the view.