3 Tips To Make Your New Home Stand Out

When you’re building there are some key ways have your home look unique and distinct from others. This is especially useful when using a semi custom home – you can have your stamp on the design to set your home apart from others using a similar design. Read on for some unique and dazzling options to make your home stand out from the rest.


When building a custom new home the attention is very much in the details. As anything you could ever want in a home is possible now you can really let your creativity fly. Install a hidden room to wow friends and party guests, use skylights to draw the light in and illuminate your home.

Get innovative with floating stair designs that leave room underneath for storage or living space. Look into alternative layouts – upstairs laundry rooms are a growing trend – to create a modern decor. In the bathroom you have more choices than anywhere else. Impress guests with unique shower fittings or even put in a wet room. Better yet include a spa in your bathroom complete with sauna and soaking tub for ultimate luxury.

Built In Features

Homes are about convenience. Anything you can install in the building phase that will save you time in the long term should be considered. Walk in closets are a must-have for every fashion friendly homeowner. A master suite is a fantastic opportunity to include trendy bathroom ideas outlined above. A central vacuum system is another terrific innovation that cuts cleaning effort dramatically.

When it comes to the general upkeep of the home there are plenty of built in systems to make your life easier. Going back to the master bathroom and having heated floors put in will save you time and money if you do it when building your custom home. Smart technology is becoming a fixture in modern homes; so fit lights, thermostats and security features that you can control via WiFi.

All Out Kitchen

When it comes to your custom kitchen you want to spare no detail or expense to make it the must-see destination for parties and gatherings. Be sure to install a kitchen nook by the window for a fabulous way to spend every morning. Double islands have been gaining traction recently as a great communal hotspot for a home too.

If your build is smaller then experiment with different cabinet and storage solutions. Fitting open shelving is a great space saver and a trendy style to boot. Don’t be afraid to go bold here either. A real pop of color in the kitchen – be it cabinets, appliances or furniture – can go a long way to making the room welcoming.

Custom builds are all about personality. Work these amazing style and technology options into a home that you feel proud to show off to your friends and family. At the end of the day it is you that lives in the home so make sure you feel comfortable in it. It also goes without saying that everything you add now vastly increases your resale value going forwards.