3 Characteristics of Bungalow Style Homes

Homebuyers have a lot of options. If you are in the process of buying a home, you have probably heard different terms thrown around. Indeed, there are many styles of homes to choose from. In this article, you can see key characteristics of one of the most popular styles, the craftsman bungalow. Depending on your preferences, this might be the perfect look. Here is what you can expect to see from a craftsman bungalow Richmond IN.

1. Single Story With a Sloped Roof

When you drive past houses that have one floor and a V-shaped roof, chances are, you are looking at bungalows. Not all of them are alike though. Sometimes, these homes also include an additional half story or a basement. Dormer windows and verandas are also common features.

2. Smaller Structure Size

The next notable characteristic of the bungalow is its size. In general, these houses have limited space. If you prefer larger spaces, this style might not be the best option, but a big benefit of the smaller square footage is the cost efficiency. When it comes to heating a craftsman bungalow, you can expect a much lower heat bill than in a bigger place.

3. Larger Lot Size

While the overall house might be smaller, the lots of bungalows tend to be larger. The reason for this is because of the reduction of upward space. In a two story home, for example, you can allocate more square footage to an additional floor. With a single story home, you have to spread more space out on the first floor, taking up a bigger plot of land.

Craftsman bungalows can be a great choice for many homebuyers. If you are trying to figure out the differences between homes, here are three key characteristics of a bungalow. If you like how it sounds, this may be the style for you!

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