Designing an Inspirational Home Office Space

Creating your own office space in the comfort of your own home is a huge luxury and one that is extremely beneficial. With the right setup and décor, you can create a space that motivates you, inspires you and most importantly enables you to zone out and focus. There are lots of different ways in which you can create an inspiring home office space, from the furnishings to the décor itself. Continue reading for some inspiring design ideas for your home office.

Choose the Right Colour

Colour has a huge impact on the feel of a room, so its important you choose the right colour for your office. You don’t want the room to feel busy, loud or distracting, which many dark and bold colours can do. Instead, you want to achieve a fresh, calm feel that will help you focus and get your work done. In order to design a creative environment, you should opt for light colours, with the addition of brighter colours through furnishings and artwork.

Image Source | West Elm

Add Soft Furnishings

If you create a space that feels to corporate or formal, you may find it hard to concentrate for long periods of time. To create a space that inspires you to be creative, you should introduce soft furnishings to your office such as a large L shaped sofa, with scatter cushions and a throw. This helps to add a comforting touch to the space without making it too laid back or relaxing. You’ll also find that having soft furnishings such as chairs or a sofa is great for when you have others in your office, whether that’s meetings or for a general catch up.

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Keep it Bright

Whilst it’s advised to use softer colours for the main décor, it’s important to keep your office bright and well-lit in order to stay focused. Having plenty of lighting within your home office will help to make the room feel fresh and inviting, encouraging creativity and helping you to achieve lots. From an essential desk lamp, to stylish lighting fixtures dotted around the room, the brighter your office space the better the focus. You should always opt for a soft desk lamp for use when working late, as this can help you to stay focused whilst helping you prepare to switch off.

Image Source | Real Simple

Bring Personality to the Space

Having a space that you feel at home in really helps you to concentrate, which is why home offices are such a great idea. One of the most important features in a home office, aside from the obvious requirements such as a desk and computer, are personal touches. Keeping your personality at the core of your décor is really going to help bring your interiors to life and make you feel comfortable and settled. From artwork to family photographs, you can create a space that reflects your personality and helps you work to your full potential.

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